High-Quality, Spacious, and Relaxing, All for a Reasonable Price!

It was our wish to provide inexpensive, comfortable lodging for people who want to enjoy Matsue longer,
or use Matsue as a base to explore more of Shimane.

And this is how Cubic Room came to be.

It’s not just inexpensive. It’s a place to relax comfortably and enjoy your stay
in an area that offers you all the ideas and amenities you need to get the full Matsue experience.

Cubic Room’s Special Considerations

Check-in & Check-out

You can check in and check out at the front desk located in building #1. So if at any time you have trouble, our friendly staff at the front desk will be there to help you.

Men’s Floor・Women’s Floor

In an effort to wipe away the old image of capsule hotels, we have set up separate floors for men (2F) and women (3F). To provide our guests with security and peace of mind, only the card keys issued to our guests will open the floor you will stay on.
*The picture is of the Men’s Floor (2F).

Fully-Equipped Locker Rooms

Each floor has lockers for all of our Cubic Room guests. They are large enough to fit carry-on baggage, so there is no need to take your baggage to your Cubic Room.


We wanted to make our rooms as comfortable to sleep in as possible, so all of our Cubic Rooms use high-density foam mattresses made by a high-quality domestic manufacturer.

Alternated Booths

The lower and upper rooms are slightly alternated from each other, giving you greater ease in entering and leaving your Cubic Room, and reducing any noise from the surrounding rooms.

Room Wear

We have provided you with room wear that you can use during your stay. The fabric has been chosen to give our guests the greatest amount of comfort.
*The shirt in the forefront is the women’s shirt, and the shirt in the background is the men’s one.

Men’s and Women’s Floors

Services & Amenities

Free Wi-Fi Available

USB Ports are located in the following areas:

◎Each Cubic Room
◎2F Free Space (Wall)
◎3F Powder Corner (Tables)
◎3F Hallway Free Corner (Tables)

Dial-Combination Security Boxes in all Cubic Rooms

※A USB port and outlet are located above the security box

TV –Furnished Cubic Rooms

On both the men’s and women’s floor, there are 5 Cubic Rooms furnished with TVs.

Baggage Check Service

If your baggage is too large to fit in your locker, you can check it at the front desk.

Breakfast Buffet

We provide a Japanese-style breakfast buffet at the restaurant
※Please make a reservation when you check in.

Public Space

We have a public space. You can eat and drink here, so please feel free to use this area.

Rental Bicycles

Matsue is a city made for cycling. Please use our bicycles for sightseeing or shopping. There is no charge to our overnight guests.
※You cannot reserve a bicycle.

ルームウェア バスタオル
フェイスタオル クレンジングミルク(オイル) クレンジングウォッシュ

化粧水・乳液 シャンプー&コンディショナー
ボディソープ 歯ブラシ

カミソリ 耳栓
コットン&綿棒 スリッパ



Please select your preferred plan and floor.

Cubic Room
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Cubic Room
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